Global index provider MSCI is expected to announce the results of its Semi-Annual Indices Review (SAIR) on Monday, 13 May 2019. The changes in market structures, resulting from this review, will be reflected on the indices on 29 May 2019. In its SAIRs, MSCI usually updates the Market Investable Equity Universe for its tracked markets around the world. We note that this SAIR will show the inclusion of Saudi Arabia and Argentina equities phase one in MSCI EM index (phase two will be in August 2019), in addition to phase one of increasing China A shares weight in the index (phase two and three will end in November 2019). For Today’s Story, we ran an exercise using MSCI’s screening criteria to assess the changes that can affect MSCI Egypt’s large- and mid-cap index (standard Index) and small-cap index (SC Index).
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